SkyBlock Info

Welcome to Minecraft Labs!

We offer a server that has something to everybody who loves the SkyBlock game type. With professionally owned and operated servers, we are always up and with minimal lag for all players.  Start on a small island in the sky, work alone or with others to expand your island and your riches!  We even include free flight for every player!

What is SkyBlock?

SkyBlock is a survival game mode where players live and build on a floating island. The goal of the map is to survive, expand your island, grow your own food and thrive.

If you are new to the SkyBlock game mode, visit Spell_Blade's YouTube channel to see some of her available tutorials.

Server Features:

  • Flight!
    All VIP and non-VIP players are entitled to timed or unlimited flight. Just use /fly
  • Central Server Shop
    There is an Admin managed server shop available to sell and buy goods
    You can reach the Server Shop at Spawn or you can warp there with /warps ServerShop
  • Player Shops
    All players are able to create their own shops.
    Visit the player shop tutorial at /warps Shop-Tutorial
    You can visit other player's shops by using the command /island visit {player}
  • Central Market and Auction House
    Post your wares to be sold on the Central Market or have players bid on your items.  /ah or /ca
  • Crates
    Players are able to obtain Crate Keys. The Crate Keys are used to open Crates. The crates give you a chance at winning rare items.
    Use the command /cc to access your Crates
  • Cobblestone Generator Upgrades
    You can purchase Cobblestone Generator Upgrades for in-game cash.
    Use the /generator command to view the available generators. Then you can use /shop to purchase them.
  • Robots
    Miner and Farmer Robots are available via the Web Store or with in-game money
  • Voter Perks
    Obtain rewards by voting for the server. Type /vote for more information
  • VIP Perks
    It costs money to host and manage Minecraft Servers. We offer a web store to allow players to contribute to the server to help cover these costs and keep the server available. When you contribute you can select individual perks or you can acquire a VIP rank. Use /buy in-game or browse to:

Meet your Admin Team:
SkyBlock Game Admin: Spell_Blade
Global Admin Team: emrysk, s4ndal, and ScavyDK
Tech Admin: Murdox_Mobius

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to a Monitor, Moderator, or Admin in-game. 

We are thrilled to have you as a part of our community!