Factions Info

Welcome to Minecraft Labs!

We offer a server that has something to offer to everybody who loves the Factions, mcMMO, and PvP. With professionally owned and operated servers, we are always up and with minimal lag for all players.  The server uses custom plugins that allow the Combat Mechanics to be as they were in 1.7, on a 1.15.2 client! With item-based money, and no enderchest, there is literally nothing you can not take, however there is nothing that can't be taken from you! Raid, Battle, and conquer your enemies like never before!  

What is Factions?

Players claim land as their own and begin building a base. The Factions plugin acts as a self-service anti-griefing system. Faction Leaders can recruit players to join their Faction. They can also manage who can and who cannot edit their faction land.

Factions comes down to diplomacy and war. Players declare war and forge alliances. 

Explore enemy bases, discover weakness, and raid.

Server Features:

  • mcMMO
    This plugin allows for an RPG-like experience to exist in the world of Minecraft complete with skill leveling, special abilities, rare loot, brand new mechanics and a more in-depth PvP.
  • Long Term Maps
    We do not do the typical Factions play style. We do not allow the use of Lava for offensive reasons or TNT. This allows us to maintain a map for8-12 months without a reset.
  • Live Map
    We offer a Live Map to our players. http://play.minecraftlabs.com:8123/index.html 
  • Central Warp System with No Player Teleportation
    We offer Star Gate networks to offer quicker transportation, but there are no teleport commands available to players.
  • Silk Spawners
    Mine or buy spawners to make more compact, high performance mob farms.
  • Mob Catching
    Capture mobs with eggs to simplify the process of getting mobs into your base, and allow for more compact passive mob farms.
  • Disabled TNT
    TNT is disabled in the main map. We do this for a number of reasons. With the goal of long term maps, TNT must be disabled. We also acknowledge the fact that Minecraft is a creative game. With TNT disabled, we do not have Obsidian box bases all over the map.
  • Encouraged Exploits
    We encourage the exploitation of plugins and Minecraft dynamics to infiltrate and raid your enemies. 
  • Item Based Economy
    The server currency is item based. This makes it so money can be stolen from players.
  • No Pay-2-Win
    All ranks and packages are either non-P2W, or they benefit all players.

Meet your Admin Team:
Factions Game Admin: Murdox_Mobius
Global Admin Team: emrysk, s4ndal, and ScavyDK

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to a Monitor, Moderator, or Admin in-game. 

We are thrilled to have you as a part of our community!