Rules & Support

Global Rules

- No griefing or stealing.
- No island harvesting.
- No AFK pools, mining, or fishing.
- No bots, cheating or using exploits.
- No spamming or trashtalking. Be respectful to server staff.
- No asking for items, permissions or promotions. No island raiding.
- Harassment of other players will NOT be tolerated.
- No bridges to other peoples islands without permission
- No asking for staff rank or permissions. All ranks are earned not asked for.

Chat Rules

  • No bigotry/flaming/racism/sexism
  • No advertising other Minecraft Communities
  • Do not spam the chat channels.  
  • No asking for staff rank or permissions - Ranks are earned, not asked for.


  1. Visit the in-game Tutorial area for gaming basics.  Use google and forums to answer gameplay questions. Ask Staff last.
  2. If you've been griefed or have an in-game problem, submit a report on Discord in the #support channel.
  3. If you have a problem with receiving a rank promotion or package purchase, please submit a report on Discord in the #support channel.
  4. Problems with payments, payment disputes, or any other store-related problem may be resolved by emailing
  5. All chargebacks are met with a permanent player ban.  If you need to request a refund, please email